Most Promising Proposal MPP

MPP award - Most Promising Proposal:

The original announcement for this new award may have caused some confusion so we would like to provide additional call information.

Anyone who has not defended his or her PhD prior to the first conference day (August 1, 2012) is eligible for this award. The goal is to present a project proposal which includes the investigation of load distribution on the human or animal body. The topic area can be freely chosen and a document of maximum 2 pages (excl. reference list) can be submitted to the session chair one hour before the award session starts (7 printed copies have to be provided). No prior disclosure of the title, topic area or any details of the proposed study are allowed.

Proposals fitting the requirements will be presented in a separate award session on the 4th day of ESM 2012. The main author will have 3 minutes for presentation of the study background, concept and plan followed by a 3-min discussion. The presentation should be only verbal, no slides or posters are allowed. The award committee will consist of 3 members of the scientific committee plus 3 randomly selected ad hoc members.

The winner will be the most innovative, relevant and most convincingly presented proposal. The winner will be presented at the final conference banquet. The prize money is € 1000.

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