History of ESM



More than twenty years ago novel was approached by Professor Leslie Klenerman
to provide support for development of a user group meeting hosted by the University
of Liverpool. The inaugural meeting began the following year in Liverpool at the Royal Infirmary Hospital.

At that time, we did not realize that over the years the ESM meeting would take us around the world from Liverpool to Vienna, Flagstaff, Ulm, Penn State, Brisbane, Munich, Calgary, Leeds, Spitzingsee, Dundee and Providence in 2010.

In 1991, the first novel award was presented in recognition of excellence in pressure distribution research. The novel award recipient was determined by an international review committee from the fields of biomechanics and medicine. The novel award for pressure distribution measurement research continued since then to be endowed by novel.

From 2010 on, the "novel award" was named the "art in science award". It is intended to award the prize also to scientists presenting papers not only associated with pedography or foot biomechanics in general but also for any research in the field of sensing body contact and dynamic load distribution.

The ESMs have provided us with an opportunity to learn more about load distribution measurement, applications and research and meet new and old friends and experience our hospitable host sites.

Next year we´ll be gathering again in Aalborg, Denmark to relive the great traditions of ESM. We warmly invite those of you who´ve been with us for the previous years at ESM to share the wonderful histories of the meeting as well as those who haven´t yet had the chance to participate.

We hope to see you all very soon in Aalborg 2012!

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